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    C4 Mustang-3 40 T700 VGR Carbon Fins 

    The new Mustang 3 is the result of C4s latest objective to make a fin with a sensible increase in performance over the previous version Mustang VGR. 

    The changes in comparison to the VGR are new graphics, length has increased to 842mm, and the flap on the tip of the blade gas a more impact resistant shape.

    The increase in performance is due to the double parabolic curvature. 

    It optimizes the foot movement making swimming more fluid in comparison to the previous Mustang VGR. 

    Any experienced freediver will appreciate the differences of the new Mustang 3. 

    Thanks to the new flexible fibers the new T-700 offers 40% higher tensile strength thus avoiding breakage due to high external stretching and high internal compression. 

    The C-4 Mustang VGR blade extends all the way to the heel which distributes the flex and the weight load to which it is subjected. 

    This ensures the best degree of performance coupled with lightweight structural resistance.

    · C4 Mustang 3 fins are assembled with fixing bolts and plastic locknuts which also makes them easily interchangeable.

    · All carbon fiber C4 VGR blades are made from 100% carbon T 700 

    Choice of stiffness:

    Fuego blades come in three grades of stiffness: 25 Soft, 30 Medium and 40 Hard in order to suit all different types of uses. 

    A soft blade will complement a dive in not too deep water where a sudden burst of speed is always required thus offering a relaxed and comfortable dive and good management of precious oxygen. 

    A harder blade will give the extra boost of power required from a hurried ascent in deep water or from a sudden change of direction or a swift U turn. In these occurrences a hard blade will offer the best chance for a safer and more productive dive. 

    Nonetheless a hard blade will take its toll on oxygen supply with only a moderate increase in speed and overall performance. 
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